Triangle-To-Triple-A Series – Intro

Step into the realm of game graphics with our comprehensive blog series, designed to empower you with a fundamental understanding of the modern graphics pipeline and the essence of graphics API calls. As we traverse the theoretical concepts, our narrative will be lightly sprinkled with practical examples, aiming to show how applications converse with the operating system to paint pixels on the screen—no heavy coding, just the pure science of graphics.

Within this series, we’ll occasionally reference Intel’s Graphics Performance Analyzers (GPA), a tool that exemplifies these concepts in action, though our focus will remain firmly on the underlying graphics principles rather than the intricacies of the tool itself. By the end of our journey, you’ll not only grasp the foundational elements of game graphics but also appreciate how they coalesce to form the breathtaking visuals in contemporary gaming.

Join us as we peel away the layers of complexity in modern graphics, clarifying the dialogue between application and machine, and illuminating the path from the genesis of a graphic call to the lush, immersive environments that define today’s gaming experiences.

All the frame/stream captures will be used in the blogs can be found under my shared one drive:

Hope you can enjoy!

*May use the assistant with ChatGPT in the blog writing, but will review before publish:)